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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 31, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> hello and welcome. >> will someone described to me what is a crisis, [unintelligible] >> is a diplomatic solution any nearer? welcome to bbc news broadcast our viewers on pbs and america and are around the globe. the war crimes suspect filed an appeal against his extradition to the hague.
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keeping the children safe, keeping her column during a shootout -- calm during a shootout. it is expected to reelect ha last year's president. he rejected claims that the organization is in crisis amid allegations of corruption. a dramatic news conference, he is acknowledged that fifa was in difficulties but could solve its problems by itself. the sports news editor reports. >> with pressure growing all the time, he knew that today, he would have to face the spotlight. if anyone got the head of world football was about to walk
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away, he had a clear message. >> crisis? what is the crisis? we are not in a crisis. we're only in some difficulties. the difficulties will be solved in sight of our family. >> at times touchy, but defiant throughout, he dismissed concerns over the decision to award the world cup. >> the decision which we cut for the world cup 2022 was done exactly in the same pattern in the same environment and we have made the decision. there was no problem for hockey the -- fifa. >> he insisted that was a matter for football and no one else. >> the government tried to intervene in the organization, then something is wrong. i think that it is strong enough
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that we can deal with our problems. >> he chose to face the world alone today, one man defending their honor and calling for world football to come together. he looked out of touch, dismissing allegations about the way they won the world cup. >> this is the man at the center of the claim, already suspended and accused of trying to buy votes in his bid for the presidency. the doubts over the conduct. the general secretary writes, i never understood why he was running. if he thought he had a chance, he expresses he does not like any more.
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he later played down his comments saying he was referring to the size of the big budget. they angrily dismissed what they called the latest attempt to drive their names through the mud. despite the possibility of more damaging revelations in the coming days, he is determined not to be blown off course. whether the rest of the world? it cannot, he will accept more years in charge. >> the major sponsors have expressed concerns about the allegations of corruption within the organization. coca-cola says that the situation was damaging for fifa and the sport. we got more details. >> what is interesting, a week ago, they were not commenting about the allegations of corruption.
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and now this statement saying that they believe the allegations of corruption about the governing body are distressing and bad for the sport. the also expect and have every expectation that they will resolve the situation in a manner. then this statement saying that- public debate is neither good for football and its partners, we can safely assume is referring to the sponsors, us, and coca-cola. and we understand coca-cola's deal from 2007 to 2012 is worth $500 million. these are sponsors with a lot of influence and their statements are quite strongly worded. there isn't a crisis, these
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statements and seeming to say that they think there is a problem and these sponsors want it sorted out. >> the south african president says that colonel gaddafi is willing to accept a cease-fire deal. but that he is not willing to step down. they announced that they have defected from the forces supporting the libyan leader. >> it does not look as if the president has been able to achieve a diplomatic breakthrough after his visit here and of a meeting with colonel gaddafi. it did produce the first television appearance the libyan leader in almost two weeks. just before he left for south africa, the president said that the colonel was prepared to sign up to an african union ceasefire
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proposal, but we already knew that was his position. of nato and the rebels had already rejected the union plan on the ground, that it does not call on him to step aside. he rejects that idea and it looks like things are still deadlocked. that is why many are expecting yet more nato strikes. tripoli is bracing itself for another bombardments. and what may be another side of the pressure on the military, it has been announced that eight officers have defected as part of a group of 120 soldiers. even though he is under increasing pressure, he has shown many times in the past his ability to survive. and where there is opposition here, you can hear it on the streets.
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they still have not been able to gain the momentum to push him from power. the crisis here could go on a long while yet. >> explosions and gunfire have been heard for a second night. the exchanges between government forces and a rival tribes. medical staff said at least 20 people were killed when government forces opened fire on the protest camps. >> bloodshed and violence against protesters. it is the second-biggest rout. it has been ongoing for four months and has gone under attack from government forces. people are angry. they have gathered to show their support for those whose lives have been lost.
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it turned into a martyr of mourning. they say the killing is intended to drive home the youth of violence. for four months, [inaudible] the regime is running out of excuses. our plan is to continue our peaceful struggle. we are not moving out. they can burn the square and they can burn us. we are not moving. >> hockey authorities said they were not peaceful. he has taken over government offices. >> it was agreed that all of the strikes, all kinds of demonstrations should be peaceful. when people go to a government
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compound or a police station and they want to go inside and get people from those offices or from those police stations, it cannot happen that way. we're talking about a system in yemen. some of these activities are unlawful. they jeopardize the security and safety of the people. >> violence has also spread. the government says is a house for al qaeda. >> most of the people here in umno that the members are linked to the regime of. -- to the regime. >> people are concerned that the president is creating his own region and it will lead to further violence in the country.
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>> protesters said government forces have killed at least 14 people. activists say the soldiers and tanks have cut off. >> the plant and determined, they are in no mood to give up. the bbc has not been able to independently verify these pictures of customers, but they are thought to be of weekend demonstrations in one of the nation's largest cities into the center of opposition. this is what the demonstrators are up against. government tanks and armored vehicles advancing into syria. please verify the pictures are from the same area where protesters say 14 people were killed after soldiers and tanks attack local towns.
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the authorities insist they are chasing terrorist gangs. at the united nations human rights council. >> the brutality of magnitude taken by the government in libya and the syria have been particularly shocking in their outright disregard for basic human life. >> they want a fact-finding mission into the country but the government is saying nothing. journalists are banned from entering and it is impossible to verify many of the reports coming out of the country. what is clear, this is the worst challenge to the president in his 11 years in power. and with the protests canal into the third month, the popular uprising is far from over. >> russia has banned the import
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of vegetables in spain because of the outbreak of bacteria that left 14 people dead. a number of other european countries are thought to have been infected. we export it. international energy watchdogs reached a record high last year. the cuts will be achieved by 2020. it is also warning that investment in energy production is unlikely that the targets will be achieved. the former russian oil magnate has applied for early release from jail after serving half of his sentence. he was convicted on georges of fraud and is currently sentenced to stay in jail until 2016. the court upheld his fraud conviction.
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the french finance minister is in brazil and its campaign to become the next head of the international monetary fund. she thought of emerging economies should have a bigger role in the imf. she said the funds did not need to stick to always choosing a european person to lead a. >> i share with them a few principles and i believe it should be open, transparent, and based on merit. >> still ahead, causing havoc for the already hard-pressed farmers. in a major reversal of policy, the german government plans to shut down all of the country's [unintelligible]
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>> ever since fukushima, the german government has been under pressure from the grain movement. consular -- chancellor merkel said, -- >> to get this, we need a new structure for the energy supply chain. >> they won't reopen and the other nine will close by the end of 2022. germany currently gets a quarter of its energy from nuclear and 17% from renewable like wind. and to cut total energy used by making machines and buildings more energy-efficient. but more wind power means more pylons and high-voltage cables to get it from new windfarms.
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otherwise, imports from french power stations could rise and unloved fuel. >> the share of coal will increase. because nuclear needs to be substituted, the plan is already there. >> they said ending nuclear was as big a task as unifying east and west germany. after the politics comes the hard bid. re-engineering of whole economy away from nuclear will be difficult and it will take money. nobody knows how much. >> you are watching bbc news, the headlines. fifa president denies the
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football governing body is in crisis despite corruption at the highest level. south africa oppose the president says the colonel gadaffi is ready for a truce. let's get more on the top story. the state senator told me that he would be to recover the money. >> the sports ministers and $46 million on the bid. at that stage, we were aware of allegations made in the house of commons. it has come to light with the
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secretary general and has expressed concerns about the bid as well. they should ask for their money back as well as other countries and that in 2020 to bid thought to be reopened given the very serious allegations made. >> forgive me, i wonder how you will go about getting ahold of that money given that an investigation is pending. >> the first step is for the investigation to be done properly and thoroughly. i am completely underwhelmed by what he said. he reminds me of the monty python character the black night who is bleeding profusely and says it is just a flat trend -- flesh wound. >> fifa from any governmental
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interference, are you hoping an international leader or government will become involved in the organization? >> there are many millions of dollars of things spent on taxpayer funds to fund world cut bids. the money the government is doing in terms of world cup bid, there are sponsors that have literally spend hundreds of millions. if the sponsors got together and said enough is enough, we might see fundamental change. this goes to its very core. >> briefly, the right man to lead? >> i think he should go off into the pasture somewhere. his behavior at the press conference recently was
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appalling and i have seen the commentary of that. this is a man that is the the the world's greatest actor or is completely in the nile. e is monty python's black knight of sports. >> he has filed an appeal to his expedition -- extradition. he is too ill to travel. >> too young and innocent to understand his alleged crimes. him.randkids brought to they were led through dozens of journalists and tv crews to spend an hour with their grandfather. it is 5 days since he was arrested on charges that include genocide. they are all but exhausted.
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they start preparing him for the inevitable move to the international war crimes tribunal. >> we have begun to touch on the questions of who will defend him in the hague. that have been giving names of possible lawyers, but we have to contact them to see if they want to defend him. >> this is what awaits him. trial like his former political ally. then having to answer for what many judged to be there were crimes. -- judge to be their war crimes. >> mostly civilian targets, not to mention the three-year shelling of syria. he doesn't require any amount of courage. >> of the timing of his departure and probably now be measured in days if not hours.
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he was spirited out of here in the middle of the night and he will probably be taken in the same way. >> cuba is battling the worst drought for 50 years, farmers now beginning to lose their livestock. >> insufficient rain in cuba for the last three years and the caribbean's largest island is facing the worst drought in half a century. in the central province, they gather menacingly on fence posts waiting for the cattle to succumb to hundred. >> i have had taken as -- chickens die from hunger. it is a terrible drought.
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>> his id is not just the countryside. more than million residents are affected by the drought, nearly half of the city's population. many rely on tankers to deliver much-needed water. >> we are careful not to waste water. at least we have tanks that can be filled. some don't even have that. we had a boy that did not want to go to school if he could not wash. >> may is meant to be start of the rainy season, but they can sustain showers to refill the reservoirs. in the eastern province, it was a drain, but giant hailstorms accompanied by strong wind. residents report icefalls the size of lemons or small oranges
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destroying crops and a blanket in the countryside. -- blanketing the cou ntryside. >> the teacher has received an award while keeping the -- after keeping her children calm during a shootout. >> everyone on the floor. it is not a children's game. she shouted to her students as soon as she heard shots being fired near the school last friday. everything is ok, she tells one of the students. nothing is going to happen to us. trying to reassure as she film the scene on her mobile phone. she came up with an idea. she made the children sang a song while lying on the floor to try to distract them from the bloody reality outside.
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hasco's everyday violence go into their neighborhood. it was blamed on organized crime. it has killed 40,000 people since late 2006. she had set an example for all teachers in mexico. she said she just did her job. >> the truth is, i was a little bit scared. but my children helped me through it. >> for many in mexico, is a painful reminder that it has become a reality that they can't help but learn to live with. >> you are watching bbc news.
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